Some thoughts of mine about The Icelandic Association of Chicago


We established communications between Icelanders living in the
Chicago area – both native and born in Iceland.

We communicated with Icelanders in other states of U.S., Canada
(Winnipeg), Embassy of Iceland in Washington, D.C., and government
officers in Iceland.


Very pleasant get-togethers at picnics and dinner meetings, enjoying
Icelandic music, dancing, cardplaying, and just talking with new and old
friends and having a good time together. At some of these meetings we
had speakers – both local and from Winnipeg, Minneapolis, Washington,
D.C., and Iceland. Our most popular meetings were the Thorrablot with
imported traditional centuries-old Icelandic food, and, later on, musicians
and entertainers all from Iceland. We started small, thirty to fifty people
to begin with in attendance and ended up with 350 to 400.


I think our greatest influence was our Þorrablót, started in 1959, if I
remember correctly, and, later influenced Icelandic clubs all over the
world to do the same thing, even in Australia, but we were the first ones.

Valur Eiglsson