Language Learning Resources

Below are a compiled list of resources to that we have found.


Language institutes that offer in-person, online, and self-guided courses.

Instructor led distanced (online) classroom

Self Guided 

On Location

Mobile Applications

Icelandic Language based

  • Embla – (iso) – Icelandic language digital assistant
  • Rúv (ios, android, web) – Icelandic news
  • KrakkaRúv (ios, android, web) – Children’s news. The web version has Icelandic subtitles.
  • Ylhýra (web)- An interactive reader with CEFR grade texts.

Audio based learning

  • Mango (ios, android) – Audio based language learning application. Includes Icelandic. Free subscription available through most libraries and universities.
  • Forvo (ios, android, web) – Native speakers record words to help learners with pronunciation. 

Digital flashcards

Language Partners

Online tutoring and language partners

In person practices

Dictionaries and Language Resources

E-books and guided reading

  • Útgefið efni | Menntamálastofnun – Collection of ebooks from the education ministry. Different books at various levels. 
  • Ylhyra, books guide – A listing of Icelandic E-books with descriptions and links. The page also conveniently lists CEFR level of each publication.


Open-source IT projects



YouTube Channels


English language podcasts about Icelandic culture and current events.

Other Resource Listings