Language Learning Resources

Below are a compiled list of resources to that we have found.

Open Source Projects

E-books and Reading
Dictionaries and Other Resources
In Person Language Practice Meetups
Online Language Partners and Tutors
Mobile Applications
  • ÍTM App (ios)
    An app that demonstrates basic signs in Íslenskt Táknmál (Icelandic Sign Language)
  • Label Icelandic (android, ios, web)
    A digital text book broken into various categories with quizzes and games.
  • Embla – (iso)
    An Icelandic language digital assistant. It is more useful in Iceland but it may be useful to test your pronunciation when asking questions.
  • Rúv (ios, android, web)
    Icelandic language news
  • KrakkaRúv (ios, android, web)
    Children’s news. The web version has Icelandic subtitles.
  • Ylhýra (web)
    An interactive reader with CEFR grade texts.
  • Mango (ios, android)
    Audio based language learning application. Includes Icelandic. Free subscription available through most libraries and universities.
  • Forvo (ios, android, web)
    Native speakers record words to help learners with pronunciation. 
  • Drops (android, ios, web)
    Flashcard vocabulary
  • Clozemaster (android, ios, web)
    Gamified fill in the blank of real sentences.
  • Íslenska (android, ios, web)
    Noun declension practice
  • Memrise (android, ios, web)
    Flashcard vocabulary builder. Also has a large list of community built decks of varying quality.
Netflix, in Icelandic

A list of shows that have audio or captions in Icelandic

Íslenskt Táknmál / Icelandic Sign Language