Icelandic Search and Rescue Volunteer: Gudjon! (online) This is an event hosted by The Icelandic Language and Culture Meetup. This is an unaffiliated event. We link to these to promote Chicago's polyglot communities.  

Chat With Jeanne from Iceland With a View! (online Event courtesy of Valur, Your Friend in Reykjavík! 🇮🇸 Join Your Friend In Reykjavik for a live stream chat with Jeannie, who is the founder of Iceland With a...

Live “Kaffi Talk” at Java Plus Café in Aurora!

Java Plus on Waterford 1677 Montgomery Rd, Aurora, IL

From the event page Join me for "Kaffi Talk" at Java Plus Café where the "Plus" Means Learning How to Order Coffee in Icelandic! ☕🇮🇸

Virtual Icelandic Friday!

Come join me on Friday to learn some basic Icelandic, and possibly how to order coffee on your next trip to Iceland!

Language Practice:  A few of our members have informal practice sessions. The levels are for beginners typically at the CERF A1 and A2 levels. The first meets nearly every Tuesday at 7:30pm and every other Friday at 12:30pm Chicago time. Anyone is welcomed to participate in these open format events over Google Meet. For more information, please email for more information.

Covid Note
: All events will follow strict COVID-19 protocols as defined by the Illinois Department of Health and the CDC’s Guidance for Organizing Large Events and Gatherings.

Linked Events: Some events are hosted by other groups and are unaffiliated to IAC. We link to these events in order to promote Chicago’s polyglot communities and support language and cultural exchanges. Please see their individual websites for more details – The Icelandic Language and Culture Meetup, Icelandic Club of Toronto, and the Chicago Language Cafe.