Links to Iceland

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Some links refer to pages that are in Icelandic, but most of them have an english version that you can select once you are there. Please let us know if there are broken links here or you have new suggestions to add to this list.

Important IAC related Links

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Radio, & News-links to Iceland

Visir - newspaper
Morgunblaðið - newspaper
Ríkisútvarp - RUV radio news
Bylgjan - newspaper, live T.V. & radio
Textavarp - RUV text news
Fjolnet - Icelandic Internet News
Ice News - News from the Nordics

Government in Iceland

Icelandic Embassy - in Washington DC
Althingi - The Parliament Íslands
Stjórnarráð Íslands - Government ministries
Reykjavik - the city
Hagstofa Íslands - Statistics Iceland

History and culture

Netutgafan - good site
Guide to Iceland
A timeline of milestones in Icelandic History
Traditions of the Icelandic People

Real-estate properties in Iceland

Comprehensive property index

Businesses In Iceland

Icelandic-American Chamber of Commerce
Doing Business in Iceland
Icelandic Business Directory

Icelandic Food

An intro to Icelandic Food
Siggi's Skyr
Bautinn - Restaurant

Icelandic Horses - dedicated to the love of the Icelandic Horse
the United States Icelandic Horse Congress - which is a member of
International Federation of Icelandic Horse Associations

Icelandic directories & archives

Simaskra - Icelandic telephone directory
Gula linan - Icelandic Yellow Pages in Icelandic

Education & libraries

Reykjavik University - a.k.a. RU
Ordabok Haskolans - Icelandic dictionary online
Haskoli Islands - The Icelandic University
Landsbokasafn Islands - The State Library

Icelandic or Scandinavian clubs, societies and events

Icelandic Associations Across North America All of them!
Akvavit Theatre - Nordic Theatre!
Scandinavian Day - Annual Scandinavian Day at Vasa Park
The Icelandic Century Club, N-Dakota - Checkout the 100 years festival.
The American-Scandinavian Foundation
The Icelandic National League of North America

Other good links

Vedurstofa Islands - Weather forecast
CIA and Washington post facts on Iceland. Interesting stuff.
Nordicstore - a comprehensive list of links to Iceland