Þorrablót 2017

Einar’s annual ‘how to eat a sheep head’ demonstration.
The Count and The President
JD and Haukur Guðmundsson.
Guðrún, Guðrún and Alyssa.
Group Song – Kalli in the background.  Eric, Ester, Karl and Einar.
The Chef and The President.  The lamb from Mývatnssveit, the gravlax, home made.
Beautiful Matta, daughter and grandaughter.
The Michigan Ladies – Ragnheiður, Hildur, Brynhildur og Helena.
Happy campers Allan, Lena and Eric.
Sonja, Lena and Hildur.
Jennifer and Haukur, Milwaukee Margo and Jan, Rósa and R.J.
Sisters Nina and Siggy and mamma  Vaddy.  Elizabeth and Birgir.
Einar and IAC latest honorary members Vaddy and Siggi.
Siblings Eva and Karl Haralds.
Kenneth and Sergio, Óli and Ray.
The young generation.
The three Musketeers Ágústa, Anna and Alma.
50 year student Leifur and Rita.  Mom and daughter Áslaug and Sonja.
Master Chef Ari, sister Lena and unknown sheep head.